Sausage & Chicken:

The difference between our Gumbo and traditional gumbo is that our gumbo starts with charro beans, no andouille sausage here, but a robust jalapeno sausage and chicken cooked with a special recipe. Topped with jalapeno and cilantro we know that you will find our Gumbo unlike any other you have had before!

Sausage & Chicken with Shrimp and Crawfish:

We didn’t forget about you seafood lovers! This version is the exact same recipe and as our Sausage and Chicken but we incorporated some of our Texas Gulf shrimp and local crawfish!

Whether with a side of cornbread or even poured over tortilla chips to make some yummy Gumbo nachos, we know you and your family will come to enjoy our Texas Gumbo for years to come!

Is our gumbo a little too spicy for you? No problem! Here are some suggestions to turn down the heat a little:

  • Add a sweetener. Try serving our gumbo with sweet dinner rolls (such as Hawaiian honey rolls).
  • Add a dairy product. Our product has a Tex-Mex flavor so adding sour cream and scooping with your favorite tortilla chip for Texas Gumbo Nachos helps to lower the spice significantly!
  • Add a bland starch. Add rice when serving our gumbo to tone down the spice, or use our Texas Gumbo as a baked potato topping.

Beef Fideo:

Chicken Fideo: