Your Texas Gumbo, chicken and sausage, rocks!

“Hi George and Rubie,
Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for a delicious product. Your Texas Gumbo, chicken and sausage, rocks! Good stuff. I purchased it for the first time a few months ago, and have the oven heating up now. Me and the Mrs. are gonna have it for lunch. I bought it at HEB in the Woodlands. I’ll pass along a recommendation to my friends and neighbor. Hope things are well in Webster. Stay safe.”

Don Butler

Can’t get enough of the

Can’t get enough of the Texas Gumbo. Awesome tasting. Happy camper here!

Jesus Gonzalez

Delicious!! Rubie and George are

Delicious!! Rubie and George are both so nice, too!

Shannon Jean

I tried this product tonight

I tried this product tonight for dinner. Needed something quick & easy to make and might I say it was delicious! I’m not big on frozen meals but this stuff was pretty darn good! I love supporting Texas businesses anyways so I’ll definitely pick some up for dinner again! Well done!

Tanzia Brown

Hi!I am writing to tell

I am writing to tell you how much we LOVED your Gumbo!. We had seen it in an HEB ad and decided to try it. It was perfect! Such great flavors and it even looks great. I commented that restaurants could sell it in a pretty bowl with a side of good cornbread and people would buy it for sure. We also bought the one with crawfish and shrimp but haven’t tried that one yet. I’m now sure it will be great too. Thanks for taking the time to make the Gumbo and pursue getting it in the HEB’s for everyone to enjoy.
Kathy Whitney
Cedar Park TX (suburb of Austin)

Kathy Whitney

We loved it! My wife

We loved it! My wife and I live in Texas most of our lives and my family loves to cook authentic Cajun gumbo. Most of our family are from the bayou and we take our stock and roux seriously! We tried it and loved the Latin/Texas influence of the flavor. Well done!

Jeff & Lori Blades

I never cared for Gumbo

I never cared for Gumbo too much until one day my best friend Ashley Nichole brought to work some of her parents gumbo. After that I had the chance to eat some again at a crawfish boil! Today I was beyond excited to not have to wait until a gathering lol I was able to buy it at my local HEB in Missouri City, TX. So happy for you guys! Def will be stocking up!! Sooo good!

Mo Aguilar

So yummy!!! I recommend it

So yummy!!! I recommend it for everyone!! It was super easy to make, I always appreciate not having to wash dishes as I work full time. Eating out gets old and most of the time I don’t feel like cooking when I get off but I want my family to have a hearty meal. Thank you for making my life just a little easier guys!

Mary Beth Quintanilla

My problem is that I can’t decide which one I like most!

“George and Rubie,
My problem is that I can’t decide which one I Like most!
I am hooked on this stuff. Thank you. Please make More goodies!
Kirk Kirklen
P.S. From his wife: he wakes up wanting it every day, every day..”

Kirk Kirklen

Tried your Texas Gumbo for

Tried your Texas Gumbo for the first time and it was delicious!
I was especially pleased with the number, size and quality of the shrimp.
Great Family story too, I wish you success! Definitely on our grocery list from now on!

Noal Pierce

Congratulations , someone has finally

Congratulations , someone has finally made products that come close to homemade . I say this because I am a native Houstonian that knows what homemade means .Reminds me of my mom’s dishes . The Texas fideo is spot on as well as the Texas gumbo . Job , well done!

Felix Salazar

We tried It for the

We tried It for the first time tonight and It was delicious !!! Perfectly seasoned – Pick some up @ HEB in the frozen food section you will be hooked!!!

Kendra Hays

Words of a Fellow Gumbo Maker

“Hi, I just wanted you all to know I purchased your Texas Gumbo and I must say from a fellow gumbo maker this is truly an excellent gumbo!”

Margaret McDonald from Corpus Christi

This gumbo is excellent!!! We

This gumbo is excellent!!! We will waltz across Texas for another bowl of this. We’re winter Texans and just tried it today and are going home Monday and have no space to take any with us. We’re already looking forward to having this delicious gumbo again next year. We tried the one with the shrimp and crawfish. It was perfect!!! Our hope is it will go national and that we’ll be able to find it at home in Kansas City!! Good job George and Rubie!!

Sandy & Fred Lowe

The sausage, chicken and shrimp

The sausage, chicken and shrimp gumbo is just like homemade. Found it in the frozen food section at HEB. Who knew?

Bob Grahl

I live alone and finding

I live alone and finding good things to eat without doing a lot of cooking can be a challenge. Thank goodness for HEB. Lots of great options in their frozen foods section. Last year I stumbled across your gumbo and I have to say, it’s amazing. I grew up with Louisiana style gumbo and was kind of expecting to be disappointed. I mean, whoever heard of putting cilantro in it. Having said that, I do love cilantro. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. Incredible flavor. Cornbread, sliced campari tomatoes and Huerta’s gumbo. Man, it doesn’t get any better.

George Hermes

I randomly picked up this

I randomly picked up this Texas Gumbo meal at HEB last week and it’s super delicious!

Anita Feagin

I tried your Texas Gumbo

I tried your Texas Gumbo today, and it was AWESOME! You have gained a customer for as long as you keep this wonderful food coming. I know it says it serves 4, but it’s just too good to share. The flavor and heat were perfectly combined and the surprise of the fresh jalapeno slices was wonderful. Thank you!
– Conroe, TX

Brenda Ellis

I had the great pleasure

I had the great pleasure yesterday of meeting this awesome, hard working, and talented cooking couple at Spring Creek. WOW!!! DELICIOUS! What a great spin on traditional gumbo. When eating this comfort food you can’t help but tell that a great deal of love and passion this couple put into this creation. Thank you guys and best of luck!

Anthony Campos

Whenever I’m in HEB..

“Whenever I’m in HEB (about once a month), I make it a point to buy one of your frozen dinners. They’re delicious. I’m pleased that HEB gives mom-and-pop food businesses in Texas a retail outlet, instead of only selling frozen food from the ‘big names.’”

Thomas Richardson from Missouri City, TX

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